Healthy Ways is the most complete and integrated program of health and wellness information and instruction you will find online -- or elsewhere, for that matter. Confident prediction I know, but take a look. Healthy Ways aims to not only improve your health and fitness but extend your longevity. If you are over 40 -- or any age, really -- you must investigate this program, which includes hundreds of science-based facts and tips, in some detail, on wellness, fat loss and diet, anti-aging, longevity, fitness, environmental hazards, mind-body approaches, and more. Further, Healthy Ways has lots of 'dot points' so that you get maximum amount of information with minimum effort. Not convinced?

You get all three ebooks for $7.95, all associated with the Healthy Ways concept and linked in objectives. Please note that in addition, you can follow my YouTube site for additional information.

 Healthy Ways book on Amazon ($7.95) Everything in preventive health, including a discussion of family genetics and influences. See the Table of Contents below.

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Hello. I'm Paul Rogers, and this program is a result of over 40 years of my research and practical endeavour. And that's where you have a special advantage. My experience is expansive and supported with analytical excellence in the biomedical and exercise sciences. I don't tolerate nonsense and fake facts in the exercise and nutrition fields and beyond, and there is a lot of it. Believe me!

My medical literature research expertise spans 40 years, having worked for Australia's premier research organisation, the CSIRO. Healthy Ways has over 100 scientific references by chapter at the end of the book -- if you need them.

I am also a qualified personal trainer, former marathoner and triathlete for 20 years, and Pan Pacific Masters Games sprint medalist. I've played baseball, field hockey, tennis, and basketball. I've trekked to Everest Base Camp, the wilds of Patagonia, up active volcanoes in Chile and Sumatra, and trekked to many other places worldwide. I know what works and what does not for health and fitness.

I have produced several hundred medically-reviewed physical fitness articles for the VeryWell Fit portal, here: https://www.verywellfit.com/paul-rogers-3498101. Check it out. And you can see more of my articles at the Food Fit Fusion Facebook page.

I was also a member of the Australian dietitians and nutritionists chat group, Nut-Net, for ten years.

I Am Not Your Doctor!


If you have diabetes, heart, and lung disease, cancer, or bone or joint issues, or other symptoms or ailments, your first port of call for treatment is your doctor or other professional. Healthy Ways shows you what you can do to prevent these things, but treatment is up to you, and you should address your problems with your doctor. If you want to eat healthily, exercise effectively, focus on achievement, and avoid environmental harms, then I am your man!

This is what I cover in the Healthy Ways Amazon ebook of 75,000 words ($7.95), with 200 PowerPoint slides in support on YouTube.

CHAPTER 1.  Introduction to Health and Wellness
CHAPTER 2.  The Diseases of Lifestyle
CHAPTER 3.  Lifestyle Lessons from the Past
CHAPTER 4.  Managing Weight
CHAPTER 5.  Healthy Eating
CHAPTER 6.  Physical Activity & Exercise
CHAPTER 7.  Preventing Type 2 Diabetes
CHAPTER 8.  Preventing Heart Disease and Stroke
CHAPTER 9.  Preventing Cancer
CHAPTER 10.  Osteoporosis, Bone and Joints
CHAPTER 11.  Food and Functional Foods
CHAPTER 12.  Nutritional Supplements
CHAPTER 13.  Mind, Body, Brain, Sleep
CHAPTER 14.  Avoiding Toxic Risks
CHAPTER 15.  Recreational Risks and Drugs
CHAPTER 16.  Medical and Diagnostic Tests
Healthy Ways – Integration
APPENDIX 1 – Chemical Carcinogens
APPENDIX 2 - Lifestyle and Health Glossary
Paul Rogers - Contacts and Media

The Heathy Ways Story

Not only that, but incorporated in the Healthy Ways ebook is a pertinent history of my amazing Australian-American family. You get to see the behaviours, genetics and environments that resulted in the demise of certain family members -- from smoking, alcohol, occupational exposure to poisons, obesity, and even life on the outback trail with limited nutrition. Perhaps even murder it seems! It's all there, built around descriptions of the common diseases of lifestyle and how to avoid them. 

Cancer Causes and You

You know, the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC, WHO) regularly publish lists of human carcinogens, that is, substances and practices that cause cancer in humans, or that are suggestive of causing cancer for humans if the evidence is less clear. But it is a pain to churn through the lists and final declarations. See Chapter 9 - Preventing Cancer.

Healthy Ways makes it easier for you to check the outcomes by summarizing the data, as shown below, but you do need to check the WCRF and IARC sites for latest information. If you sign up for the Healthy Ways email updates after purchase, you will receive new information as we process it. For example . . .

(1) is top level evidence and (2) is suggestive evidence.

Lung cancer (respiratory system) - diet and physical activity

Increases risk

  • Alcoholic drinks (1)

  • Arsenic in drinking water (1)

  • Beta carotene supplements at high dose in smokers (1)

  • Red and processed meat (2)

Decreases risk

  • Vegetables and fruit in smokers (2)

  • Foods with retinol, carotenoids (2)

  • Vitamin C in smokers (2)

  • In never-smokers, foods with isoflavones (soy etc) (2)

  • Physical activity (2)

Other causes of lung cancer (beyond diet and physical activity)

Lung cancer is the most common cause of death from cancer, estimated to be responsible for nearly one in five cancer deaths. 

  • Tobacco. Smoking is the principal cause of lung cancer; it is estimated to be responsible for 85 per cent of all types of this cancer. Involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke (‘passive smoking’) is also a cause of lung cancer, including in people who have never smoked.

  • Industrial chemicals. Carcinogens that cause lung cancer include crystalline silica; aluminium; arsenic; asbestos (both lung cancer and mesothelioma); chloromethyl methyl ether and/or bischloromethyl ether; coal-tar fumes; erionite (mesothelioma); pollutants from iron and steel founding; untreated mineral oils; mustard gas; soot; talc containing asbestiform tremolite; and vinyl chloride.

  • Emphysema, chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis or pneumonia is associated with an increased risk of lung cancer. 

  • Antibodies to Chlamydia pneumoniae, a type of bacterium that can cause chest infections, raise the risk of lung cancer.


Protect Yourself from Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease

There is much you can do to ward off these debilitating conditions of later life. Yes, genes do have an influence, but in the 'Mind, Body, Brain, Sleep' chapter of Healthy Ways, I summarise the current knowledgebase. I list nine risk factors and eight preventive factors for dementia and Alzheimer's Disease and discuss them. You can do a lot to protect yourself. See Chapter 13 - Mind, Body, Brain, Sleep.

So You Want to Melt Fat Away, Fast?


Well forget it! I can assure you there are no tricks, hacks, supplements, secret formulae, things that big pharma don't want to you to know, or any other shortcuts to losing fat and weight. Physics and science don't lie! You need to eat less and move more. Yes, there are some techniques to refine that basic approach, which I explain in Healthy Ways, but you will not get a secret, fast-acting, fat-melting superfood or exercise. Get used to it! See Chapter 4 - Managing Bodyweight.

Exactly What You Get for $7.95 US


  • Healthy Ways ebook on Amazon Books. 156 pages, 75,000 words -- plus 200 PowerPoint slides summarising the ebook on YouTube.
    Plus . . . free download of the following (link sent to you after purchase)


  • Training and Support Manual ebook -  for excellence, and to aid Instructors (free). 

  • Nutrition for Sports and Exercise ebook with PowerPoint slide summary (free).    

  • Includes, risk and compliance evaluation assessment tasks for healthy eating, physical activity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. 

  • Each component of the free books is in PDF format, including the PowerPoint slides, and is in one merged file for download.

The Environment Can Kill!

Think Healthy Ways is only about mainstream disease states like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer -- as important as they are? Well no, think again. I allocate considerable time in the Healthy Ways ebook discussing and listing environmental and occupational hazards that you need to be aware of, and the general principles. See Chapter 14 - Avoiding Toxic Risks.

I spent 20 years as an environmental consultant to all forms of government, NGOs and private industry. In fact, I initiated the Australian Government's National Pollutant Inventory and helped develop it. You can see it here http://npi.gov.au/.

Training and Sports Supplements - Good, Bad, and Ugly

Yes, I know: that tin of protein powder with the muscle man or woman on the label does look inspiring. Healthy Ways explains. But you only need a certain quantity of protein to do the job, even for the most demanding sports -- and serious endurance, running, cycling sports need as much and sometimes more than muscle sports for most of us, as it turns out. And what about those hidden anabolics, illegal for competitive sports under the World Anti-Doping Authority regulations? Ok, I know many reputable brands are carefully formulated, but you must be careful!

Yes, and I review the legal supplements that can give you a performance boost. See the top safe, legal and generally available supplements in Healthy Ways.

Get the Healthy Ways Package - 3 Ebooks Plus PowerPoint Slides

That's it. If you want to be well-informed and develop a high level of physical and mental functionality and general health, especially as you age, then this is for you.

  1. Healthy Ways ebook on Amazon Books
  2. Once you have purchased the Healthy Ways Amazon ebook above, the link to the free ebooks below will be sent to you.
  1. Free download: Training and Support Manual for Instructors - For anyone wanting to train themselves or others in the Healthy Ways concepts of preventive health. One download file also includes the following . . . 

  2. Free download: Nutrition for Sports and Exercise - Optimal nutrition for physical activity. Valuable tools for training or just exercising at maximum efficiency.

Thank you.
Paul Rogers
Director, Healthy Ways

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