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Welcome to the the HEALTHY WAYS Affiliate Page. You can make 65% affiliate percentage on each sale. This product is simple to promote and publicise from your platform with just one download for buyers.

We want to help our affiliates make sales as easy and logical as possible. On this page you should find everything you need to promote Healthy Ways to your readers. 

Healthy Ways is new and revolutionary in the health and fitness sector with three ebooks, and over 200 supporting PowerPoint slides to make content easy to understand, and one of the most experienced writers and trainers in this field on the internet. Contact Paul Rogers at the link at bottom of page if you need talk further.

However, you need to follow these short and simple steps to get going:

  • Bookmark this affiliate page.

  • Set up your ClickBank account so you get a percentage of your sales.

  • Use the HOPLINK (affiliate link) and EMAIL swipes below.

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  • Affiliate promotions must NOT include content that is deceptive, misleading, untruthful, unsubstantiated, or otherwise fails to comply with applicable federal and state consumer protection laws, regulations, and guidelines.

  • We do take 'spamming' seriously and support a 'no spam' policy  at all times. 

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Affiliate Link Below

To start promoting Healthy Ways please copy the affiliate link below, or similarly approved ClickBank versions and start using it in your promotions.

Please make sure you replace "XXXXX" with your proper ClickBank ID. Failure to do this will result in the link not working properly and you losing all commissions. You may also use TRACKING (tid) and enter whatever you would like in that field or leave it blank. It's for your own internal tracking.

IMPORTANT:  Example of the affiliate link to the landing pages (below).


Landing page: https://www.healthyways99.com/
OR: https://www.healthyways99.com/mobile/

Email Swipes


Email 'swipes' are suggestions for promoting Healthy Ways to contacts available to affiliates. My suggestions are below, and if you use your own wording and descriptions, please be careful not to hype the product beyond its rational purpose, as good as it is!

Email #1

Title: Healthy Ways Ebooks and Lifestyle Program - your health and exercise reference

Body: Healthy Ways is the most complete and integrated program of health and wellness information and instruction you will find online -- or elsewhere, for that matter. Confident prediction, but take a look. Healthy Ways aims to not only improve your health and fitness but extend your longevity. If you are over 40 -- or any age, really -- you must investigate this program, which includes hundreds of science-based facts and tips, in some detail, on wellness, fat loss and diet, anti-aging, longevity, physical fitness, mind-body approaches, family-inherited traits and behaviours and more. Further, Healthy Ways has lots of dot points' so that you get maximum amount of information with minimum effort. Not convinced?

See what we offer: https://healthyways99.com/

Email #2

Title: Wellness, Life extension, Longevity - Healthy Ways Bundle - Get It Now!

Body: Things you wanted to know about anti-aging, life extension, wellness, longevity, fitness and good health . . . but were afraid to ask. Over 500 facts and tips. And that's no hype!

A veritable encyclopedia of facts, tips and hints for you in 15 precise chapters and themes. Try it now.


Email #3

Title: The Diseases of Lifestyle - poor lifestyle open the doors to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more

Body: The diseases of lifestyle and how to prevent them. No tricks; heart disease, diabetes, cancer . . . fundamental information that will transform you. Read it now on Healthy Ways.


Email #4

Title: Managing Bodyweight - over 100 facts and tips to get you slim and trim

Body: Yes . . . weight management. Over 100 facts and tips. Everything from food, diet, to exercise and mind control, plus case studies, weight control drugs, and more.


Email #5
Title: How to Live to 99 - and be active

Body: It's not necessarily about reaching that age, but it is about maximizing your potential. You need to try to be the 'best you can be'. Healthy Ways shows you how. https://healthyways99.com/

Email #6

Title: Healthy Eating - over 100 facts and tips to spruce up your life and looks

Body: A fact-finding, science-based tour of healthy eating from every perspective imaginable. Healthy Ways is your goto resource. Best foods, worst foods, limited foods, antioxidant foods, cancer-causing foods, need I go on . . .?


Email #7

Title: Physical Activity and Fitness - over 100 facts and tips to get you fit and strong

Body: Basic and advanced information on getting and staying fit -- and testing protocols for you to know how fit you really are right now. And a test for high-risk individuals, especially older adults, before exercise programming commences. Go get it!


Email #8

Title: Prevent Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes - what you can do

Body: Preventing diabetes and heart disease. Yes, but if you have been diagnosed with diabetes you should refer to your doctor for treatment and advice. Even so, want to prevent diabetes from affecting you? Healthy Ways has literally hundreds of facts and factoids and tips that will help protect you from lifestyle-induced type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Healthy Ways takes you on a journey through the core of diabetes, heart disease and heart attack. What you can do and what you should not do to prevent these lifestyle diseases. You can inherit certain conditions that are not affected by lifestyle, but there is still much you can do and that you should do, to forge a long and healthy life.


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